Molly will teach on how to create your own family office to serve you, the business owner, rather than you having to quarterback your life, your business and be the expert at everything. We will show you how to build a team or tap into an existing one that scales your business from an operations standpoint, financial statements and get you to finally start treating and acting as your business is a stock rather than a job so you can finally start living the life you always dreamt of.

How to Automate Your Business Processes

Build workflows and create automated Emails. Make it easy for people to connect with you with systems that auto-scheduling appts/calls. Create marketing efforts and LeadGen easily. Determine what takes up most of your time and learn how to time benchmarking for the best practices to make you more replaceable.

Free up Revenue

Learn how to free up money with some simple cost reduction strategies. As well, if your interested in creating exit strategies that build revenue to increase your companies value this is for you!

Train and Educate in Business Principles to Build Your Dynasty

Learn core truths of building wealth and train your staff on the core actions that will build your dynasty and theirs!

Mastermind Sessions

This training is for the advanced professional. That has a lot of the core values already in place that build wealth. Laser focusing in on the 'hidden' obstacles that prevent the full optimization of wealth growth are addressed.


Molly Grubb has served organizations from a wide variety of industries and size, helping CEOs define their purpose and create a system that will multiply their success. And here’s why: Molly gets it. After watching her family’s success evaporate due to no plan or system, she built a system that is easily customizable to any CEO to help them define their purpose, simplify their life, gain more control over their business and multiply their success. She too is an entrepreneur and practices what she preaches. She understands the pain, sweat and tears that goes into building a great business.

Financial Advisor Columbus Ohio