Our Proven Process

We use a five-step wealth management process as a parameter for working with clients. It begins with a Discovery Meeting where we ask you 64 questions around the seven major themes of wealth management. At the end of the meeting, it will be very clear if you are being well served by your current advisor, if you would be well served by another advisor that we can refer you to or if we can provide you the largest impact. If we can provide a significant impact, we will invite you to our Investment Plan Meeting, which will be scheduled 7-14 days from the Discovery Meeting to give us ample time to reflect on what you have shared with us. At the Investment Plan Meeting, we will present to you a simple one-page diagram that will show where you are now, where you want to go and all of those things we have talked about. Then we will have a very detailed dialogue about how your capital is managed and where we think we can help you get what you’re looking for: better returns fewer tax consequences and a lower cost of your asset management approach. Then we would schedule a third visit that we call the Mutual Commitment Meeting. We are looking for lifelong relationships. We are not interested in acquiring too many clients – just the right ones – and in the third visit, we will mutually commit. We will go over any lingering questions and any questions on whether you would be a good fit for our practice. At that point, we will do the paperwork if we feel it is time to move forward, and between then and the next in our next visit we will get our Expert Team involved.

At the 45-Day Meeting, all we are going to do is make it simple. We want you to put all of that paperwork in a bag and bring it in, and we will get it all organized for you and set everything up electronically, and then show you how to access everything electronically.

The final step is the Regular Progress Meeting, where we bring to you the best ideas from our Expert Team, all summarized in our Advanced Plan, and pick one or two key items to focus on in between Regular Progress Meetings to keep you on task in achieving all that is important to you.