Molly Grubb

Resident of: Blacklick, Ohio
Member of Grubb Wealth Management team since: 2012

There’s Something About Molly

Molly Grubb grew up in Newark, Ohio, and is the youngest of six children.  She holds a degree from The Ohio State University in actuarial science and has a diverse background in risk assessment, pensions and wealth management. She has been a proven leader within two banks: National City and Key Bank. As a result of wanting to provide a wider range of products and develop a closer relationship with her clients, she developed Grubb Financial Services. It was founded as a company that takes pride in being educators in today’s complex world of finances and challenges that life can bring, to prevent a negative impact on one’s wealth.  Since Grubb Financial Services became  Grubb Wealth Management, a more specific engagement of the fiduciary standard  is able to be embodied. As a result, clients can have a personal CFO to allow them to achieve all that is important to them.

Day-to-day activities at Grubb Wealth Management
Molly is responsible for acting as the personal CFO for the Grubb Wealth Management family of clients by meeting with experts to design their Advanced Plan and guiding our clients to help them achieve all that is important to them.

When she is not making our clients’ lives better, she is:

  • Spending time with her her purrfect son (cat), Bentley
  • Getting quality time in with her very large family (she is the runt of 6 kids)
  • Kayaking
  • Being glued to the TV anytime The Ohio State University is involved in a collegiate sport (preferably football and basketball)
  • Running a bike club that expanded to over 360 ladies that is appropriately named Chicks Gone Cycling

Be sure to check out her Instagram profile, @grubbdynasty!

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