The Successful Business Owner’sGuide To Building, Preserving And Transferring Wealth On Your Timeline And Your Terms

The Index to Build Your Dynasty
A roadmap to working faster, creating more time, freeing up more money and maximizing your exit.
Selling your business is one of the biggest and most stressful decisions you’ll make in your life—but most owners are too busy to think it through
  • There’s more wealth trapped inside your business than you realize. Learn how to free it up and get it out today. Don’t let it stagnate or fall into the wrong hands.
  • There are 6 smart ways to take some chips off the table while still staying involved and enjoying the successful owner’s lifestyle and cachet.
  • Most owners have way to much of their personal wealth tied up in their businesses….and they lose negotiating leverage because of that. Learn how to diversify years before it’s time to exit and start enjoying your life now!
  • Learn why it’s sometimes smarter (and more lucrative for you) to sell to existing employees than to outside buyers—even if company insiders are not family members.



Molly M. Grubb

Molly Grubb has served organizations from a wide variety of industries and size, helping CEOs define their purpose and create a system that will multiply their success.

And here’s why: Molly gets it. After watching her family’s success evaporate due to no plan or system, she built a system that is easily customizable to any CEO to help them define their purpose, simplify their life, gain more control over their business and multiply their success.

She too is an entrepreneur and practices what she preaches. She understands the pain, sweat and tears that goes into building a great business.

Molly has been featured in the following:
Financial Advisor Columbus Ohio
Financial Advisor Columbus Ohio
Financial Advisor Columbus Ohio
Financial Advisor Columbus Ohio
Did you know?
“Part of the reason that my parent’s business exit failed was because their business attorney and their tax advisor treated my parents’ exit as a transaction rather than as a strategic process. They didn’t have M&A expertise. They were generalists at best.”     
After reading this book, you will have a roadmap for creating systems for building lasting value in your business, in your life and with your wealth.
  • Most owners spend so much of their time and effort running day-to-day operations they never get to the point about planning their exit.
  • Most owners OVERESTIMATE how much their business is worth and UNDERESTIMATE how long it will take to sell it—if they find a buyer at all.
  • Too many owners treat their exit as a one-time transaction, rather than a strategic process.
  • CPAs have long been considered the most trusted advisors to business owners, BUT few CPAs have the expertise to plan the exit of a business--much less negotiate a favorable transaction.
  • The transition of business wealth is not about executing a simple transaction; it’s a gradual process that impacts the owner very personally before, during and after for the sale. Make sure you have the right people on your team to help you from Day One.
What you will find inside the book
  • Prelude: 64 Metal Story
  • Chapter 1: Starting Point: Where Am I Now?
  • Chapter 2: Where Do I Want to Go?
  • Chapter 3: Build Value for Your Business
  • Chapter 4: How and When to Sell Your Business
  • Chapter 5: Dynasty Creation Process
  • Chapter 6: Smart Exit Strategies
  • Chapter 7: Relationship Management
  • Chapter 8: Stress Test
  • Chapter 9: Why Build a Dynasty?