3 Steps to Get MORE Out of Any Event You Attend

3 Steps to Get MORE Out of Any Event You Attend

If you like to escalate growth for yourself and/or your business, you may find yourself learning from a multitude of different channels. After a while, it sounds like a lot of noise, but you keep shoving in as much information as your noggin can handle because someone told you that is what you need to do to be successful.  However, as Warren Buffett says, “Education without execution is just entertainment.”

Here are 3 hacks you can use to actually execute on the nuggets you pick up:

  1. Write Everything Down that you find important. A PC or tablet is preferred to allow you to write quicker and be able to actually see what you write (if you write like me), and it will allow you to listen more.
  2. Record (if permissible) the event, so that you can relisten to it while you are driving and get even more information or just have it go deeper into that thick skull of yours.
  3. Take Time to Prioritize and Implement Everything. A big sheet of art paper is perfect for you to record all your big ideas and see them all together.  Some find Post-its® on a wall to be a better fit for them.  You can categorize your thoughts as immediate action items, things you can delegate and longer-term items.  Once that is complete, then task these items into an accountability system—for example, a CRM (customer relationship management utility) or calendar.

These 3 magical hacks will allow you to go to a conference and turn that firehose of information into a sprinkler. They will not only bring down your anxiety but will also allow you to be more productive. As a result, any potential waste of time and money by attending the event will be minimized by your being able to actually execute on more golden nuggets and, most important, grow yourself and your business further.

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Molly Grubb, is a business exit strategist and Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF). She is the founder of Grubb Wealth Management in Columbus, Ohio 614-461-3205  www.GrubbWealth.com.



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