Be Selfish to be Selfless

By: Molly Grubb, AIF®

It is so much easier to serve and help others rather than to focus on ourselves.  We all get sucked into the lives of others and work that it is only when we are abruptly reminded by our own health, strain of relationships, etc. that to be selfless you need to be selfish.  Charity always starts at home first.  Imagine you having the privilege to being able to start your own endowment to your favorite cause how magical that would feel to you. Then think of the actual steps you need to take to be able to have that privilege?  Tony Robbins began his legacy in addressing kids with hunger before he barely had 2 cents to rub together.  However, it centered him to focus on the steps he would need to take to focus on himself, so he could be able to help others in a large way. As a result, he became a household name in helping others become better versions of themselves.

It is amazing to have that passion and soul to always want to give your all to your business, your family and more.  However, neglect in you will mean will leave you with nothing to give others and causes you care about.  My entire life, even as a child, has been consumed in helping others.  In fact, I become so involved in distracting myself with my business and others that I forgot what even makes me centered.  This is what I did that you can do to begin to smell the roses throughout your journey of life.  Write down the things you did to have fun as a child before ‘adulting’ took over.  Was it riding a bike, playing a sport, painting? Continue to expand on this list and then take 2 hours aside for just you.  No one else can participate in this activity.  This time is for to clear your head, to reflect so then you can focus on the things that truly matter.  It could be not taking calls while you are driving and just listening to music followed with a 10-minute walk through the park before going home.

Whatever your weekly ‘selfish’ act maybe it will not only reward you with happiness but the relationships around you will be happier and your work will be significantly more productive.  You must take care of you first and others second.  Be Selfish so you can be selfless.

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